Axie Infinity Manager Tool - Daily SLP, Scholar tracker and much more

Track your scholars SLP by day, set percentages for each one and manage all the accounts in few clicks!
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Start tracking all your Axie Infinity accounts

Simple as add the public ronin accounts and we'll take the rest, the tracker will give all the best data to take the smart decisions for you and your scholars.

Preview of axie manager tool with some scholars and tracking their SLP

How it works ?

We're using the Axie Infinity API's to display all data. We only ask for your ronin public address that is public to everyone and from there we try to fetch as much data as possible for you and your scholars.

Add ronin address

Add the name, the percentages and the ronin address of your scholars

Track your schoolars

Check the average for each scholars and notice when someone is performing low with our indicators

Breed smart

Track all axies between accounts, check breeds, parts of it and breed them in smart way!

SLP daily tracker

Track how your scholars are performing, with the battle trackers you can know how many matches they're doing and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are common questions regarding the security, usage and functionalities of the tracker. For anything unanswered, feel free to join our Discord and be part of the community.

Yes, it is 100% safe. Users do not input any detail other than Ronin Addresses which is publicly available in the blockchain. We use API from the Axie Infinity Game to pull relevant information and do calculations to give you the data that you need to manage your Axie Accounts/Scholars.

This tracker is now used by 630k Axie Managers/Players.

Yes, the tool is free-of-charge. We rely on your generous donations to keep the servers running and help us continue to develop.

For donations, our Ronin Address is below:


We have an import functionality from other trackers.

There could be an issue with the tool at the moment. It might be a problem with our service or with Sky Mavis/Axie Infinity. Please consider joining our Discord for updates or more recent news. You could also help report bugs/issues in the #bugs channel.

Yes, we are very active in Discord.

Yes, if you are using Chrome, click on the [...] button and select install. This will add the app to your main browser screen.

We collect SLP data from the Axie Servers using their API each day at 2AM PHT / 2PM EDT / 8PM CEST. We then compare data from the previous day to the current day to calculate the daily SLP gain. (Yesterday SLP - Total SLP)

Two (2) days worth of data is needed for us to get the correct value. If you recently added a Ronin Address, please allow two (2) days for the calculations to go through. If you also recently claimed your SLP, please allow another two (2) days for the calculations to normalize.

We would love to hear your suggestions as we continue to develop the tool. If you have suggestions or feature requests, please join our discord and share!


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